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Spring Fever

April 20, 2010

As with everyone else Spring Fever has hit, and it seems that daydreaming and being outside takes presidence over staying in and thinking of something to blog about; (no supprise as I haven’t written anything in awhile).  Well what can one say about Spring Fever?  Spring seems to be the season Hope, Growth, and most of all Love.  Strange that it takes the dreary, dead winter months to remind us each year how lucky we are.  We should keep the Faith; we are never far away from that time of year when once more the world busts forth renewing our spirits, refilling us with Hope.

So, what to do?  Get out, take a walk in the sun, pull some weeds, or flowers (preferably in your own yard), and just take time to enjoy your Spring Fever!

“Carpe diem”



April 8, 2010

More and more each day I run across many people that have either forgotten or never have been taught “manners”; it used to be that any person that was going to succeed in any society needed to schooled or have learned and needed to know how to use their “manners” in order to be considered educated, or professional.

I work in a professional arena and “manners” seem to be non-existent, I cannot tell you the last time when I held a door for someone who they actually said “thank-you”.  People seem to have the distinct notion that everyone should “do for me” and “get out of my way” the most heard word out of all their mouths is I or MY.

Tis a sad state of affairs that our country has become that bullish, boorish and unruly child that the British so often talk about behind our backs.  It is also sad that the youth of other countries are often looking to our country as an example and starting to mimic our bad habits, such as poor manners, and then we wonder why we have such a hard time with foreign policy!

By manners I mean more than saying “please and thank-you” although that would be a start, but also having the manners to listen to others and not be formulating what we want to say next while they are talking.  Manners also can be called “respect”, knowing that we need to treat each other as equals and to value each other and treat each other with the same respect that we would like to be treated with; I know this sounds altruistic however it is not a goal that is unobtainable, people just need to take time to stop and “THINK” before they act.

So the next time you go out, open the door for someone and do it with a smile, even if they do not thank-you, know that you have done your part to promote manners, and Keep up the Good Work!

Pardon my Soapbox!

April 7, 2010

For years I have held my peace on this topic, trying to be optismistic about American’s and the American Work Ethic however as of late my attitude has changed and it forces me to speak, even if unpopular about the millions of my brother and sister Americans today in the workforce.

This country was built by immigrants whose work ethic created the America of today, its cities, institutions, its art, its science, and all that America is today.  Today however our society depends more on imports then we do ourselves, our own tradesman are very few and far between, and the level of competiency that our children posses in danger of being second or third rate compared to the children of the world.  Essentially we have lost that which made us great. 

As evidence just take a look at how our children communicate today, they are more adept in eubonics and text language than they are at the “English” language; they no longer can add or multiply in their head but require the use of a calculator for even the simplest equations (such as figuring out what percent to tip a waiter/waitress) they now have an APP for that!

Another fact of evidence is the amount of garbage the we have littered our internet with, that does not even take in to account the pornography that takes up its’ share of the trash heap.  The internet has become instead of a useful tool to gather information a receptacle for everyone to “dump” their trash and bad manners.  If you want to make fun of someone, start a rumor or just plain out trash someone “put it on the internet” people will take it as gospel because “its on the internet”.

Well, that’s my Soap Box, my oppinion is that 1) that we need to start not only educating our young on doing for themselves, but we also must start depending and supporting American businesses and trades, 2) let’s get back to basics on learning how to communicate with our kids, and each other, 3) and last but not least let’s stop dumping so much garbage on the internet, soon it will look just as bad as litter along the roadsides of America.

The moral, Learn, Earn, and Respect.