What Congress NEEDS to do!

What Congress NEEDS to do is to STOP all of the concern of who did what, and to clean up what they have done. My thinking is that the people care less about who does it as long as it is done, that is to say America needs to go into REHAB to get back on track. People today are starving due to not enough jobs, lack of services, lack of leadership, and still the one thing that I hear most on the news is how this party or that has all the answers, and that it’s the other guy’s fault that they cannot fix it. The people my self included DON’T CARE WHO DOES IT!, JUST DO IT!

What we want is for the Congress to pay the bills that they owe back to the American people, and pay the bills that we owe abroad, it’s SIMPLE ECONOMICS, just like so many American households if you can’t afford to buy something YOU DON’T!

To the Democrat’s I say work on being cooperative, to the Republicans just because you won back a few seats Americans are not dumb enough to forget who got us into this mess in the first place, YOU TOO could be one term wonders, you also need to look AT the American people and not DOWN AT the American People. We are not sheep that need leading but people that allow you to lead do not break our trust.
As for the other parties out there, do not be part of the problem but become part of the solution by working with the others to solve the issues before us or else it may not be long before we end up in the same shape that some of our major cities are in today, just look at Detroit.



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