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March 24, 2010

The minute you mention that word to people they seem to cringe, some do not let on but you can tell on the inside that their whole being is reacting like an erupting volcano spuing hot molten lava, (I have seen it in their eyes).  I have for years wondered why people react so to something that many times ends up being a positive rather than a negative. I have even wondered is it due to some kind of womb syndrome that people still cling to long after leaving it, and becoming a full adult?  Would it be because we all really feel more comfortable being a large fish in a really small pond, (feeding our ego)?  I have seen grown men and women nash and wail over even a minor change to any facet of their job, routine, avenue of travel, and it amazes me the lengths that they will go to, to try and “change” things back to the “right” way according to their perspective.

In my view “change” is “growth” and “growth” leads to “knowledge” so that the more I change, and experience change the more I grow and the more I know.  So I say to the world embrace “change” get up in the morning and throw your coat over the fence and then go chase it, who knows what you will find!


Education vs Knowledge

March 24, 2010
I have been thinking lately about the question of Education; America and the world’s preoccupation with running around to try and find a solution to educating our young people and future generations endowing them with what we have learned.  We want to pass down or in today’s venacular to download what we have learned to them to use in their lives, to hopefully give them the tools to live better, longer, richer.  We seem to be running around trying everything we know to force feed the some total of what we have learned into their conscienceness.  We have even created the internet to download to in hopes that they will search, google, twitter and tweet their way through all of the information amassed  on the internet and somehow finally learn from there all those things we have stored.
I believe that we are on the wrong track, that we may be failing them, we may be able to educate however education is not a substitiute for knowledge.  Yes there is a difference, a vast difference, education is no more that the teaching (even if by rote) of theroms, formulas, facts, etc, but knowledge is something totally different.
Knowledge is gained by a person only when they experience and believe what it is they are learning and make those experiences and beliefs part of their life.  Yes the concept of 2 + 2 equaling 4 is still just as valid but instead of memorizing it as a fact, it now becomes much more, the knowledge of the concept of addition is much more important than the numbers; sad to say that many of the young people today have not been taught the concept, or not caught on to it, but rather have settled (as we have allowed them to) to just memorize the information.