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“The Common Sense of a Goat”

March 3, 2011

I find it very sad that WE THE PEOPLE have our so called leaders to sink to such a level, at a time when we should all be calling on whatever faith, logic and understanding we have as people. I believe the world will not need the atomic bomb to destroy itself as it will do that from within all by itself.

I do not mean to sound fatalistic but I know of no other time in history when man turned so much against each other as to cause the total downfall of humanity.

The problem as I see it is that each person is so wrapped up in self preservation, self adulation, and what they call “MY RIGHTS” that they fail to see their role, and their responsibility to the society in which they live.

“If a person is to be a member of a society they must adhere to being a good citizen of the society, obeying not only the laws of the society but moreover the spirit of the laws which the society upholds. One must work towards the greater good of all, and not just the good of themselves, such is the role of citizen”

So now I ask everyone to please reflect and then act, we must let our leader know how we feel and if they do not hear us then elect new ones, ones that are “citizens” and not those who would represent themselves alone and claim it for our common good.

Second, treat each other as citizens, help one another, treat each other with respect, and above all show respect towards each others faith no matter what it may be, treat each other with dignity.

“For you people are my people and your God my God”


Commemoration of Pearl Harbor

December 7, 2010

On this the commemoration of Pearl Harbor, we ask that all take time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice that we may live in freedom.

“Dear God, not everything that happens in your world reflects your goodness and grace. You have given us freedom to choose, and with that freedom sometimes we choose to do evil. Today we remember a time of great evil in our world – we remember World War II. We also remember those who stood their ground against great evil, those who fought here at home and on the battle fronts to insure that evil would not prevail. We thank you that in the hour of need you gave men and women the strength and resolve to stand, whatever the cost. May those brave souls who still remain here with us feel today your hand of favor and strength. In their last years here on earth give them renewed hope and an awareness of our gratitude for their bravery and sacrifice. May we never forget them, and may you honor them according to the grace you gave in those days and according to their response to that grace, then and now. In Jesus’s name.”


What “THE PEOPLE” want from their POLITICIANS!

November 3, 2010

First the people want to be secure in the knowledge that their politicians really are working for THE PEOPLE and not themselves.

Second, THE PEOPLE want to know that the government is as responsible as they are in paying the bills, providing for the common good, instead of lining their pockets and running up debt.

Third, THE PEOPLE want to know that its citizens young and old can be provided for without having either the government or themselves go so far in debt that the decision to extend life becomes one of Dollars and not Sense.

Lastly THE PEOPLE want their politicians to Listen and to actually work on those items which THE PEOPLE feel that are important and not decide FOR them but work to SUPPORT them.

Politicians THE PEOPLE are aware that you ask for money with one hand and take more out of our pockets with the other, don’t be fooled and know that it stops NOW!

Remember, it is what benefits the many that out weighs the need of the few. Not the other way around.


Where have all the real Politicians gone?

November 1, 2010

It used to be that anyone that pursued the vocation of a politician was someone that felt a true calling to “make a difference” by wanting to “take care of” his neighbors and the community in which he or she lived. Today on the eve of the mid-term elections I can not find any candidate that is worth voting for; each are bent on taking up our time with ads that do nothing but say what a bad guy the other is and not one word of what THEY stand for. Sad, very sad that these candidates can not find any time to actually put forth what they really stand for and want to accomplish.

Seems to me that like Rome we are headed for a fall.

Food for thought!

Letter from the WHEN Generation

July 30, 2010

Upon thinking on the current events in our country and the world today it struck me that the one voice that we do not hear from will be those most affected by all of the current happenings, and that is our children s, children the generation of WHEN!

What we do today will affect them for years to come and I thought if they understood what was happening “what would they say” about what we have done and are doing?

Here is a letter from them to all of the adults today.

Dear Mom & Dad, Grand Pa and Grand Ma, and all Adults in charge,

When.  When will you stop over spending for all those things you can’t afford (even though I say I need them), to the point that you cannot pay the bills?

When will you start voting for those in government that will pay what’s owed so that in the future the world I live in will not be plagued by more and more debt and joblessness?

When will you start to be more of a role model instead of trying to look and act like the 29 year old that your are not?

When will you start to be parents, and teach me, and not shuffle me off to every activity under the sun just to get “me time”?

When will you play with me and let me be a kid?  I know you work hard, but are you working smart?

When will you teach me how to Pray?  With so much wrong in the world, wars, starvation and violence it would not hurt to bend a knee once in a while?

When will you teach me what it means to responsible, I guess some of you would have to learn that first?

When will you teach me what “honesty” is about?

I know that you are busy but when you have the time, please let me know for I am really want to know.


The WHEN Children

Thanks for listening!

Spring Fever

April 20, 2010

As with everyone else Spring Fever has hit, and it seems that daydreaming and being outside takes presidence over staying in and thinking of something to blog about; (no supprise as I haven’t written anything in awhile).  Well what can one say about Spring Fever?  Spring seems to be the season Hope, Growth, and most of all Love.  Strange that it takes the dreary, dead winter months to remind us each year how lucky we are.  We should keep the Faith; we are never far away from that time of year when once more the world busts forth renewing our spirits, refilling us with Hope.

So, what to do?  Get out, take a walk in the sun, pull some weeds, or flowers (preferably in your own yard), and just take time to enjoy your Spring Fever!

“Carpe diem”


April 8, 2010

More and more each day I run across many people that have either forgotten or never have been taught “manners”; it used to be that any person that was going to succeed in any society needed to schooled or have learned and needed to know how to use their “manners” in order to be considered educated, or professional.

I work in a professional arena and “manners” seem to be non-existent, I cannot tell you the last time when I held a door for someone who they actually said “thank-you”.  People seem to have the distinct notion that everyone should “do for me” and “get out of my way” the most heard word out of all their mouths is I or MY.

Tis a sad state of affairs that our country has become that bullish, boorish and unruly child that the British so often talk about behind our backs.  It is also sad that the youth of other countries are often looking to our country as an example and starting to mimic our bad habits, such as poor manners, and then we wonder why we have such a hard time with foreign policy!

By manners I mean more than saying “please and thank-you” although that would be a start, but also having the manners to listen to others and not be formulating what we want to say next while they are talking.  Manners also can be called “respect”, knowing that we need to treat each other as equals and to value each other and treat each other with the same respect that we would like to be treated with; I know this sounds altruistic however it is not a goal that is unobtainable, people just need to take time to stop and “THINK” before they act.

So the next time you go out, open the door for someone and do it with a smile, even if they do not thank-you, know that you have done your part to promote manners, and Keep up the Good Work!

Pardon my Soapbox!

April 7, 2010

For years I have held my peace on this topic, trying to be optismistic about American’s and the American Work Ethic however as of late my attitude has changed and it forces me to speak, even if unpopular about the millions of my brother and sister Americans today in the workforce.

This country was built by immigrants whose work ethic created the America of today, its cities, institutions, its art, its science, and all that America is today.  Today however our society depends more on imports then we do ourselves, our own tradesman are very few and far between, and the level of competiency that our children posses in danger of being second or third rate compared to the children of the world.  Essentially we have lost that which made us great. 

As evidence just take a look at how our children communicate today, they are more adept in eubonics and text language than they are at the “English” language; they no longer can add or multiply in their head but require the use of a calculator for even the simplest equations (such as figuring out what percent to tip a waiter/waitress) they now have an APP for that!

Another fact of evidence is the amount of garbage the we have littered our internet with, that does not even take in to account the pornography that takes up its’ share of the trash heap.  The internet has become instead of a useful tool to gather information a receptacle for everyone to “dump” their trash and bad manners.  If you want to make fun of someone, start a rumor or just plain out trash someone “put it on the internet” people will take it as gospel because “its on the internet”.

Well, that’s my Soap Box, my oppinion is that 1) that we need to start not only educating our young on doing for themselves, but we also must start depending and supporting American businesses and trades, 2) let’s get back to basics on learning how to communicate with our kids, and each other, 3) and last but not least let’s stop dumping so much garbage on the internet, soon it will look just as bad as litter along the roadsides of America.

The moral, Learn, Earn, and Respect.

“Dont Forget to Smell the Roses”

March 30, 2010

The “sum total” of what we are and who we are cannot be fully grasped until we ourselves have added it up and are able to give people the answer, not in words but in how we live, and what we leave behind. 

Age has a way of coming to the answer easier than youth, because in youth we tend to busy with running after some things and away from others, we tend to be caught up within ourselves trying to figure out who and what we are and want and why?  As I stated in another of my blogs you have to become a “simplifier” rather than a “complicator” (I really like that quote), not that one has to become simple-minded but that after all the running (done in one’s youth) you stop and realize where you are and what the race was all about.

So to the young I say keep running, you need to wear off that pent-up energy and need to learn who you are and what you want, to those in-between, slow down a little take time to tie your shoe before you go on to the next leg of the race, and to those like me who are coasting take time to savor the last mile, breathe deeply the air, feel the coolness of the wind blowing across your body that by now is perspiring and by all means “Don’t Forget to Smell the Roses”.

(dedicated to my Dad)


March 29, 2010

To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.  Confucius

Just as we all need forgiveness and part of that forgiveness is to forgive ourselves we also too need to forgive those who have hurt us in order to move on in life.  The concept is not new, and has been around for many years, if we let what has been done to us eat us up on the inside our life never seems to move on, we tend to rehash the “what if’s” and never see the “what could be’s”.

The quote above is from the old chinese philosopher, has been restated many times over by others throughout the ages from Aristotle, to Jesus in many different ways but all with the same meaning;

“There are two primary senses for the word “forgive” generally used in this context: to excuse a fault or pardon (which means to release a person from punishment or penalty), and to renounce anger and resentment against a person. I suggest that the first sense is the technical or legal meaning while the second is the more personal one – and the meaning which tends to be most emphasized when we talk about forgiveness being a virtue.”  Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics 

“Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”  from the Our Father.

The point “Life is too Short Let others and yourself off the hook”  accept the other persons (and your own) apology and move on with your life!